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Condition: the nothing that is.

Lewis_19_16 installation_edited.jpg

People find so many ways to categorize each other, primarily with language, yet no matter what socially constructed lines are drawn in the sand, one label remains constant: human. Condition works to celebrate our differences while simultaneously recognizing our common humanity. By utilizing the lenticular works and printmaking’s variations, I illuminate a key concept of the show: seeing the same thing in different ways. Anything can be viewed from nearly any perspective based on the way that the subject is presented and the experiences of the individual assigning the classifications, especially when executed through visual and linguistic rhetoric.

The Nothing That Is. takes a postmodern examination of the only text in the series: the titles. Words are concepts communicated by symbols; they do not exist in a physical reality, and in this sense labels are nothing. Yet, words are: they exist, they are present, they signify. Words have a tangible, powerful impact on how people think and how they perceive the world. From gendered language to essentialist and reductionist rhetoric, words elicit a very physical reality from their position within abstraction, which can develop insidiously when we forget our human commonalities. 

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