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The artist, EVPL, creates multidisciplinary artwork addressing bias and systems. Though formally trained in drawing and printmaking, Lewis' more recent work has been grounded in found objects and other sculptural materials to expand upon their ideas conceptually through materiality. 

Since 2020, Lewis has shown artwork in over 30 exhibitions with institutions spanning Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. As part of their participation in their Alma Mater’s inaugural residency The Stephens Fellowship, Lewis also donated a 36” x 64” relief print to the University of Montevallo’s permanent collection.

In 2019, Lewis graduated from the University of Montevallo with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, concentrating in Drawing and in Printmaking. In 2022, they graduated from the University of Louisville in Kentucky with a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art & Design.


Lewis is continuing their education at the University of Louisville in pursuit of their Ph.D. in Comparative Humanities on the Public Arts & Letters track, which includes a creative project as part of the dissertation. Lewis has a passion for teaching and hopes to continue their journey in academia after finishing their Ph.D., especially in creative and interdisciplinary avenues.


Photographer: Emily Rose Tucker

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